“La saveur et l’amour de la Louisiane!"

The flavor and love of Louisiana!

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About Us ...

Thank you for your support of our growing business. A few years ago this concept was just a whisper in our ears and a spark in our minds; now it is a reality. With your patronage, we can take this company far. As a small, family owned business, we cherish each and every customer and genuinely appreciate all business whether big or small. Thank you for visiting the Creole Market, and please come again.

                                                                                                                                                                  With love and blessings,

The Haydin Family

Wayne and Tareka Haydin met in Baton Rouge, Louisiana while they were both students at The Southern University and A&M College. Tareka is a Baton Rouge native, while Wayne was born and raised in New Orleans. He had learned to cook at a young age, and at only thirteen years old, had his first job working the kitchen of a seafood restaurant and bar in the Gentilly neighborhood of the city. By his senior year of high school, he was the head cook in one of the highest volume fry kitchens in town, serving hundreds of customers a day. It was in that same kitchen he honed his catering skills and learned to fry the best turkeys in the city, even frying a turkey on live television at WDSU in New Orleans. It was while in Baton Rouge for college however, that he perfected his Louisiana style pecan smoked barbecue. His dorm room at Southern was directly across from the football stadium, and along the path to the student entrance. Wayne would set up and sell barbecue right on the front steps of the dorm every game day, and would always sell out. 

Wayne and Tareka were married in New Orleans in May of 2009, shortly after Wayne graduated from the Southern University Law Center. While neither of them had any intent to work in the foodservice industry, they always enjoyed entertaining from their home via barbecues, crawfish boils, and holiday meals. Friends and family would often make requests from their kitchen, especially during the holidays. When the couple relocated to Atlanta in 2012, they continued that tradition of entertaining and quickly discovered that while they had expected the cuisine in Georgia to differ, even some things as simple as a sandwich were prepared differently than they had been accustomed to. Friends old and new continued to make requests from their kitchen just as was the case in Louisiana, but not just for classic Creole and Cajun cuisine such as gumbo, fried turkeys, and boiled crawfish. Much to their surprise, the most requested items were sandwich trays.

After much encouragement from their loved ones, and overwhelming demand, Wayne and Tareka started the Creole Market in 2016.  The Haydins’ story is a love story. It’s a story about their love of each other, their two sons, their extended family and friends, their heritage, and their native cuisine. True to their Louisiana roots and traditions, they express this love through the foods they share with others. The Haydins feel this is best summed up by the slogan of the Creole Market: 

“"""La saveur et l'amour de la Louisiane" … the flavor and love of Louisiana.